Press conference against false extortion case in Shailkupa


 Shailakupa (Jhenaidah) Correspondent: In the Shailakupa, a press conference has been organized against the false extortion case. Mr. Uttam Kumar Mandal complained in a press conference at the Shailkupa Press Club in Tilatullah village under Shilokupa Press Club on Wednesday, Srikanta Kumar Mandal, son of Sribas Kumar Mondal of Raizadapur village of Raizadapur village of the same upazila, received Tk. 7 lakhs as the name of his nephew, Mr. Sabuj Kumar Mandal. Uttam Kumar Mandal demanded a refund if he could not get the job. At one stage, Srikant gave him Tk 3,70,000. Uttam Kumar filed a written complaint in the Hatafililpur Police Camp to get back the rest of the money when Talabana did different talent for the rest of the money. Two days after the written complaint was filed, Srikant Mondal filed a false extortion case against the three people, including his brother Nimai Kumar Mondal and his two brothers, on a Jainaidah-based Shailukupa Amli Court, on 21/4/2019. The plaintiff of the case, Srikant Kumar Mandal, father of the case Janan, there was no terrorist attack and Chandadavi incident in my house. My son lodged a false case against them for not giving money to my relatives. In charge of Hatfazilpur camp SI Brajen Kumar said that I received a written complaint that Uttam Kumar Mondal of Tetulaia would get money from Srikanta Kumar Mandal of Raizadapur village. Two days after the complaint has been written in the camp, Srikant Kumar Mandal has filed a extortion case against them. Shailkupa Police Station Officer-in-Charge Kazi Ayubbar Rahman said that no extortion has happened in my Upazila and no one has complained to me. Why did he file a complaint against Badrishkanta Kumar on a mobile phone case with the police station and asked why he asked for a case against Chaddabjee. Talk to me


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