Fisheries officer seized the fake currency worth 3 lakh taka


SM Sohel:Upazila administration has seized Tk 3 lakh barrier and current counterfeit drive in Patuakhali galachipa upazila. On Monday and Tuesday, Burghuranga, Ramnabad, Agarmukha, Tetulia river upazila executive officer Shah Mohammad. Rafiqul Islam and Fisheries Officer In the joint operation of Mozammel Haque, 1 gigantic bargain counterfeit which is worth Tk 1.5 lakh and 3 of the current net worth 1 thousand meters, which is worth millions. Total seizure of 3 lakh taka. Then the netting was destroyed in Galachipa municipal firagate. In this regard, Upazila Fisheries Officer said. Mozammel Haque said, the net was burnt down. The operation will continue and the case against the fake owners is underway.


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