Sebag wants to win the World Cup against Pakistan


Sports Desk : Do not play politics with the game, claimants of this theory do not want to, India will boycott Pakistan match in World Cup. Virender Sehwag, want to face Old Trafford on 16th June, India-Pakistan. But Sehwag wants to mix politics with the game very well. To Sehwag, this match is not a match- war! And this war will give India over why walk!
Speaking at the Leadership Summit in Times Network on Friday, Sehwag said, “This match is no less than war. Your war should win, do not lose. “The relations between the two countries of India-Pakistan have recently gone to the worst position. India has responded to the attack by militants in the Pulwama attack on a speeding flight in Balakote. Meanwhile, India has been claiming that the Indian team will not play against Pakistan in the next World Cup.Indo-Pak match was not a matter of the original speeches of Asrashbagh. The subject of the conference was about leadership. Cricket leader’s game Captions game in English. Here is the fate of the match depending on a captain. Comparing the captain to the chief executive of any organization, Sehwag said, “The leader will know how his colleagues will make 100% uproot. The Chief Executive Officer does not work, the people working under the supervision But CEO knows how to do the job.
Sehwag was not as good as the captain, he did not want to lead himself. Sehwag told the two captains of India to convey the leadership of cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sourav Ganguly The leadership of these two captains, India, got two teams, for whom the teammates could make 100% off.
Sehwag said, “Till now, when IPL is going on, we consider MS Dhoni as the best captain. Because he can bring his players out of the job. If not, their bowling attack is one of the most vulnerable in this season, one of the weakest. Tell the name of a bowler in his team that is in the national team? Dhoni is using the bowlers to bring the work out and turn it back.
However, the leader to say that he will always get a different status with Sehwag! Under Sourav, Sehwag-Yuvraj-Zahir could make their best debut. Sehwag said, “The leader is the one for whom the rest will give the job to life. This is also a genius, which was very few people in Indian cricket. Sourav Ganguly was one of the great captains who created a good team after the match-scandal scam. And the team started to win the Test and the tournament on foreign soil. “


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