Reduced indicators again

Economy Desk : In the first two trading days of the week, the index has dropped in the country’s two-stock market.Friday and Saturday were closed for the first time on Sunday with the weekly holiday, trading in the capital market was closed for Pahela Baishakh.On Monday, DSE’s main index DSEX was down 16.91 points to 5,309 decimal 47 points.On the other hand, Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) chief indicator CSPI dropped 19 decimal 08 points to 16288.81 points.On Monday, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has traded 296 million shares in the market. Turnover increased by 11.84 million on Thursday.
On Thursday, the transaction in DSE was Tk 2.84 crore 18 lakhs.
341 companies and mutual funds participated in the transaction in DSE. Of these, the rate has increased to 107, 193 decreased. The remaining shares of 41 companies remain unchanged.The DSEX or the main price index has dropped from 16.91 points to 5,309 decimal 47 points. DSEs or Shari’ah Index is down 4 decimal 42 points to 1,228 points. And the DS 30 1 decimal 6 points decreasing to 1,901 points.On the other hand, the transaction of 9 crore 9 lakh shares in the CSE has been traded. This transaction is less than two crore 68 lakhs less than the previous day.The shares were traded in 219 companies and mutual funds. Of these, the increase has increased to 79, 108 declined and 32 remained unchanged


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