Dialogue in two languages ​​in one movie


 Entertainment Desk : In the same film, Bangla and English acted in two languages ​​as the dialogue, actress Shamima Toshti Gazi Rakayet’s directive, the name of this film is called ‘Gadhya’. In the meantime, the work of the movie is full of happiness. The actress, who is quite satisfied with acting again in the public donation film, is very pleased with the actress. Earlier in the direction of Golam Rabbani Revolution, Tutti played in the government donation ‘Swapdanaya’. The actress acted in the role of Gazi Rakayet’s wife in ‘Gore’. Talking about the role of the film, Tuchi said, all the actors in this movie had to act in Bengali and English as dialogue in both languages. Because of this, acting in this movie was very challenging for every artist.
But each of us tried to play the role of his character. I’m very optimistic about the movie. And Rakayet is a successful man, both a creator and actor. Meanwhile, Tucha has already worked as a model of Milk Advertising of a multinational company under the guidance of Asim. On Thursday, Kulkarni participated in this advertising shoot. Prior to that, he worked as an organization’s oil advertising model. These three advertisements have also been built in infinite. On the other hand, ‘Hassan Raza’ directed by Tushti acted Ruhul Amin is waiting for the release. In this movie he played with Mithun Chakraborty. This is one of his main tasks in acting life. The films released by the Tushti are ‘Red Green’, ‘Nandit Naraka’, ‘Swapdanaya’ In the meantime, Titu’s work on the last Friday of BTV was completed with the aim of campaigning for ‘Shay Shikari’. The 1994 play was first broadcasted on BTV. The play of the story of Selim Al Diin was created 25 years later. And he got the opportunity to act in the drama. He is also acting regularly, ‘Crazy Factory’, ‘Pagla Hawaay’, ‘Maya Masnad’, and many other serial plays. And again, ‘Tigiri Tucka-Season Two’ starts again on TV. He has also participated in the shooting of this play. Two plays directed by Shamima Trishi are ‘Reversal of the opposite’ and ‘I will go with me’ After the two publications of the drama, as well as the creator of the Pleasure,


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