Assange tried to use ’embassy for spying’


International Desk : WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has repeatedly broken the condition of his political asylum and the Ecuadorian embassy in London has attempted to use it as a center of espionage, Ecuador’s President accuses the Ecuadorian President.
President Leonid Monaco has said these words to the British newspaper Guardian, Reuters reports Reuters
After police withdrew seven years of political asylum, London police picked up Assange forcibly from Ecuador’s embassy on Thursday.
Australian citizen Assange leaked millions of military and diplomatic secret documents in 2010 in the Pentagon and the United States Department of Foreign Affairs
Among those documents, there were 76,000 Afghan war veterans against the US forces and more than 40,000 documents related to the Iraq war, which left the US government and the Pentagon extreme. The United States wants to face trial because of this.
It is now a matter of time to give it to the United States after the arrest.
The disclosure of the personal life of Moreno is leaked, after Ecuador’s complaint, the political observer has broken Assange’s relationship with the country.
Moreno denied the idea that Assange’s political asylum was canceled to revenge her family’s documents. He is sorry to use Ecuador embassy to interfere in another country’s democracy.
“We are respected for a sovereign country and every country’s politics, so any instability of instability is a disgrace for Ecuador,” he told the Guardian in the email.
“Our embassy’s door can not be opened to be a center for espionage,” Monroe said quoting the Guardian as saying.


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