Use different types of musical instruments, O Baishakh


Entertainment Desk : Bangla’s life festival Koka-Kola Rabindranath Tagore’s popular music ‘Ao o Baishakh …’ has come in the new style. The song used different types of musical instruments for different types of music. A flutter star singer sang the song “Come O Baishakh …” using the Coca-Cola bottle as a variety of musical instruments.
Pratibiraj’s music has given new voices in this song of the year, famous Rabindra music artist Sadi Mohammed, Bappa Majumder, Kana, Topu, Lincoln de Costa, Oishee, Shuva, Nafis, Nandita, Liza and Rituraj.
In this initiative, the Coca-Cola glass bottle has been used as a panic drum for granocacile, pan bottle to pan bottle, tomberin in plastic bottles cap, PT bottle caps, bottle caps and rice and PAT bottle and sugar spinach, 10 liters of PAT bottle, kik drum. Watercolors have been made using reinsticks and different types of rhythms, including different types of rice fill cans. Ophonasera been playing with the stick.
This initiative of Coca-Cola Bangladesh to spread the love of the first Baishakh and the love of tune from generation to generation.


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