‘It was a love’


Entertainment Desk: Abduun Nur Sajal and Shirin Farzana pair are going to be released, ‘Oaha Ek Prem Hain’. Farhad Alam composed and directed the play. Here in the role of Sajal and Tully in the role of Ratil starring Charlie.
Farhad Alam said, ‘The story of love story in full. Those who like romantic drama, their plays will look good. ‘
The drama will be broadcast on NTV on Saturdays at 9 pm on Saturday. It will be seen in the story, Ratul has a good salary in a living house. In order to attend an urgent meeting of the office, the message came out of a number unknown to the night of the night after going out in the morning. An unknown call comes out of the room by naturally replaying the room. The voice of a girl who came to the other end was turned down and turned to Ratul. Without thinking of all the world’s thoughts, Ratul returned to his room without knowingly. In front of the eyes, one can not tell anyone in one life, an unresolved dialogue, the College Life left, the time to fight with himself for six to seven years. The girl named Tuli came to think that only Ratul was a friend of her life. After so many years, it is said that the night is not told by the phone today. Puffs are more surprising and amazed than they are. Then the new story begins.


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