Association Board In front of the Protea Players


Sports: Financial status is not very good South African Cricket Board The country’s domestic cricket has faced major reforms to overcome the losses. When the board is in favor of such a reform. The South African Cricketers Association (SACA) has stood against it.
The South African Cricket Board has organized a meeting with the mass of the week. And after the meeting they said that the board has planned to reform domestic cricket. But the prosecutors’ association has complained that the team has kept them in dark to complete the whole process. As a result, 70 professional career players can face losses!
South Africa’s board chief executive Thabang More said that the cost of this plan has reduced considerably. In October, the amount of damages was $ 47 million. After the reform of domestic cricket, it has reduced to 25 million US dollars. However, Saka has said that it is very important to be concerned about the reaction. They asked for more details on the plan to the Board. Although the complaint was not received from the board, the complaint was filed.-Cricinfo


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