Nick-Priyanka took care of Husband


Entertainment Desk: Priyanka-Nika couple divorced after a couple of days, from Bollywood to Hollywood But as they are swearing, a video of the two viral videos to throw a reply in the face of the slanderers became a weapon. Nick-Priyanka, holding hands with the stairs together. At that time the wife’s feet got slippery. Husband took care of However, the same thing with Priyanka Chopra’s attention is, the reaction of the heroine. As soon as it became unbearable, it was like seeing the husband’s hand in the ride and smiling on her face. He laughs and laughs.Paparajirao immediately released that moment in mobile phone and released it in the net world. In fact, Priyanka has been repeatedly saying that Nick is very careful about her. On the night before the wedding, he promised to make 18 gifts in front of him, and he would always be with her.Always protect her. And the fact that Nick is following his commitment to the position of every post is another proof that in this case. This couple has been heading news since last year’s marriage in December. Ever got into a music concert, and sometimes the Instagram fills the images of their horror, the devotees decide their next vacation destination. A couple of times ago, a magazine named Magazine named in the newspaper said that relations between Nick-Priyanka are not good. Nick is unhappy with Priyanka. He can not cope. But after the news of this news has been reported from two incidents, they are very happy.


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