Risks will not increase unless the delay is reached: Maya


Internation Desk: British Prime Minister Terizya May said, as soon as the deal with the opposition Labor Party is concerned, the possibility of separation from the European Union (EEU) will be reduced.On Saturday, in a discussion with opposition leader Jérôme Kébin, to comment on a deal with the breaks, the news agency Reuters reported that the Reuters news agency said.Because of opposition from MPs of the Conservative Party and Northern Democratic Union Party, who have been in the coalition government with them, the British Prime Minister has not been able to approve his deal with the deal with European leaders in Brussels until now.The opposition began discussions with the Labor Party after May ending parliament’s breakthrough in dealing with the deal.On Saturday, she said she did not see enough concessions to make the opposition ‘yes’ to the Prime Minister. She said on Saturday that she is waiting for ‘to remove red spots’ tied to May with a break.”In some cases, the two major parties agreed on the breaks. We both want to stop free travel, want to leave the European Union through a good agreement, to protect the jobs. Based on these, the compromise can achieve a majority in parliament; The only way to achieve that majority is the breakthrough, “the British Prime Minister said in a statement released from Downing Street.May said, “As long as this (negotiation) is delayed, the risk of leaving the UK (European Union) is going to increase.”The British Prime Minister has already written a letter to the European leaders urging the United States to suspend the UK’s separation from 30 June.The EU responded by refusing to request the previous issue of May’s request for two weeks. They are being pressured to present an effective plan to the dissolution of Maya wati, who has rejected three-fold refusal in the British parliament.As soon as the British MPs agreed on the breakthrough, Teerzyna May expressed hope for Saturday.
“My purpose is to reach an understanding with the leaders of Europe, so that we can leave the EU within six weeks after agreeing to the country,” he said.


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