Jatrabari said. Mahbubur Rahman Molla College’s building inaugurated by Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni

A.R. Hanif: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Molla College, a educational institute located at Matuail Demra Road under Jatrabari thana in the capital. The founding chairman of the college said. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah 7 April, 2016 Rabbed Sunday the students were recently arranged to host the reception and inauguration of the Ujjai Bhaban. Dr. Mahbabur Rahman Mollah Calljournalism was organized in front of the people of the country who celebrated the inauguration of multi-purpose Nirvash Bhaban in the celebration of the renowned Varsvdichilaya, Science and Technology University, and the government’s modal college. Honorable Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Hon’ble Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, present at the main event in the ‘Country of Return’ program. Dipu Moni M. Media and highlights of the introduction of the book in the past, and the Chairmanship of Dhaka, Jaiyol Huq. In more detail, Mr. Mohammad Faridi Uddani, P.P.E.M, Deputy Police Commissioner, Wari Bawig, Dhaka. Alhaj Moshur Rahman Molla Sajal, General Samdhadak, Dumra Thana Awami League, Dhaka Metropolitan Academy. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan Sentu Commissioner Ward 65, Dhaka Metropolitan South, local dignitaries were present in the meeting. They were Md. Masud Khan, Mohammad Masud Zahir Tanvir, Mohammad Mahbubur Alam Borka, Omar Faruq Jalal, Md Mahfuzur Rahman Molla Shyamal, Mohammad Shahidullah Bhuiyan, Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Dr.  Principal teacher of different educational institutions of Jhenaidah and Jatrabari area attended the program. Chhatrapati Chauman of the college and president of Shamsul Huq Khan School and Kalj in the chair presided over the function. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah


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