Head of Homeland Security chief resigns in the United States


International Desk:Head of Homeland Security of the US Christensen Nielsen resigned. On Sunday, US President Donald Trump confirmed his stand. News AFP Christensen plays an important role in implementing the controversial immigration policy of Trump to prevent illegal entry expectations by the United States border. Nevertheless, his relationship with the President of the US was not very good. It is also said that, through the resignation of Christensen, his difficult relationship with the trump is terminated. Trump was also dissatisfied with his commitment to the most controversial policy of the United States, despite having full obedience and extensive pressure.US officials said that Nielsen’s relationship with Dump had been deteriorating day by day. But he publicly remained loyal to the administration. Trump confirmed the resignation of Homeland Security minister Christensen Nielsen in a message on Twitter last Sunday and thanked him for his duty. He also said that Christensen replaced American Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin MacLeanan.
After resigning from the resignation post on Twitter, Nielsen said: “Even after moving forward to build Homeland Security division, I am determined that it is the right time for me to step aside from this post.” Just two days after Christensen and Trump’s visit to the Mexico border of California The resignation declaration came at. 46-year-old Christen Nielsen served as head of Homeland Security for one and a half years. He was replaced by Jan Kelly, head of the former Homeland Security headquarters in January of 2010.


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