Exports grow more than 12 percent in nine months


Economy Desk : There is a positive trend in the country’s overall export earnings, on the strong growth of readymade garments export.However, the reduction in export of leather and jute products is somewhat disturbed due to overall development of exports.
Exports from the three-quarter (July to March) of the current fiscal year (July-March) released by the Export Promotion Bureau-EPB on Sunday showed that, by this time, the country has exported goods worth $ 31 billion (30903 decimal zero and two million dollars), out of the strategic target, which is 7 0.6 percent and 1.2 percent more than the same period of last fiscal year.In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, export targets worth 28.83 billion dollars. The trade union leaders said that if the current export trend continues, the export earnings target of Bangladesh will exceed.FBCCI President Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin believes that the growth that is currently in Bangladesh must be satisfactory. If this trend continues, it is very normal to exceed the desired target of growth. But there are some challenges behind this.Claiming that many businessmen are “facing crisis of existence” while maintaining a positive growth in the interest rates on bank loans and decreasing the price of commodities in the world market, he said, the government has to be more and more businesses in different sectors. Not only limited to a few products but also to create new export products.Clothing sector An update of the export data shows that the garment exports of $ 25.5 billion worth of goods were exported in the first nine months of the fiscal year. During the last fiscal year, export was 22.84 billion dollars. The growth of the largest export earnings has increased to 13.65 percent.As a result, exporters of this sector are expected to exceed the export target of $ 32.86 billion in the current fiscal year. In the last fiscal year, exports were $ 30.61 billion.But the garment sector has the growth, but in the last three months of the fiscal year, some of the worried garments industry owners BGMEA vice-president Farooq Hassan It is feared that the export growth could be negative during this period.”Now seeing this growth is three months ago order. In the last three months, the price of clothing has declined. Many factories have decreased orders. As a result, the last three months of the year seem challenging, “he said.The garment traders believe that the new market created outside European Union countries, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom behind the growth of clothing sector has kept them important.
He said, “The leadership of the newly elected BGMEA was elected. I hope the new board will face the challenges of the next day with the emphasis on the new market and product prices. Leather goods The drought of leather industry has become more visible in the country’s second largest export earning. This period of leather and leather products could not emerge from the negative growth of nine months even though the fiscal year was over.
In the current fiscal year, there are 9 percent zero 8 percent negative growth in the leather industry. In the last fiscal year, exported $ 1,85 million leather products. In the current fiscal year, exports of goods worth $ 11.44 million, but exported in nine months to $ 771.66 million in leather, which was exported at the same time during the last fiscal year of 848.78 million dollars.President of Bangladesh Tanners Association Shaheen Ahmed said, “The whole world is now going bad times in the leather industry. Its effect has also been in Bangladesh. The United States trade war with China has made the leather goods market worse.
“China exported finish leather from Bangladesh and exported the United States by producing products with it. This process is now being interrupted due to the trade wire. ”
Apart from this, leather industry has shifted from Hazaribagh to Hemayetpur in Savar, he said.”After coming to Savar, the art infrastructure has been undergoing many complications. But the government seems to be serious now. So we hope that the domestic problems will be cut soon, “he said.Jute productsIn the first month of the current year, jute and jute goods worth $ 628 million were exported, which was 818 million dollars in the same period of the last fiscal year. As a result, this sector has also seen 23 percent negative growth.
Fishery and frozen foodsIn the last fiscal year, $ 508 million was exported. This year, the goal of the three-dimensional was 373 million dollars. But this time the export has been 419 million dollars. Last year exported 407 million dollars. Growth is 2.7.7 percent.
Agricultural productsIn the last fiscal year, export was 673.77 million dollars. In the current fiscal year, to target export target of $ 711 million, export target of 525.56 million dollars in the first three quarters. During this time the export was $ 722.77 million. The domestic sector maintains 53 percent growth.The overall growth of the sector has increased due to high growth in the consumption of vegetables, tobacco and dry food, although there is 7% negative growth in tea exports among the agricultural commodities. In the nine months, 81.37 million dollars of vegetables, 55 million dollars of tobacco products and 166 million dollar dried food were exported.Petroleum productsIn the last fiscal year, exporting $ 33.7 million dollars of petroleum by-product was targeted at $ 34 million. However, it is surprising that in the first nine months of this year, 1


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