Direct funding for the project


Confirm transparency and accountability
Jasmi Akter:A big obstacle on the slow progress of project work. In the end of the fiscal year, more than half of the planned projects are not completed. Many projects have allocated money back. In many cases, bureaucratic complexity is blamed. One of them is the unnecessary time-out period of the concerned ministry or administration due to the allocation of the allocated money. To overcome this problem, the Finance Ministry has decided to release direct funds to the project. But many people think that this may be the opposite of the opposite. Project managers may increase arbitrariness. Irregularities may be encouraged. The finance ministry will have to consider this matter specially.
There are various criticisms about development projects in Bangladesh. Compared to the neighboring countries, the cost of various projects is allocated much more. Project participants have traveled abroad and discussed the issue of carpool. After that, the three-year project did not end in six years. There is an increase in allocation of more than once in the middle. There is a great deal of corruption. In this situation, if the project managers are given more financial independence then they will have to consider whether the misuse of money will increase further. To ensure the state’s waste of revenue, the highest accountability of each project will be ensured. Besides, there are a few more things to be considered. In many cases, the allocation for shortfall in the revenue collection is to be cut. It is necessary to redistribute money to keep the continuity of other projects more relevant. If the money is directly discounted, then it will also be considered whether the tasks can be done properly.
In Bangladesh, development in different sectors has touched. But being a backward country is far more than what is needed for development. The speed of these development activities will accelerate as much as they will keep in the development of the lives of the people. So there is no alternative to speed up development. But doing so, do not encourage the waste to be encouraged. We hope that, from the approval of the project to the end, maximum transparency will be ensured in every work.


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