Ananta Jalil invites to YouTube users


Entertainment Desk : Ananta Jalil’s new picture ‘Deen: The Day’ has been shot in Bangladesh. Produced by the world-famous units and organizers, the producers-heroes of Hollywood are demanding the same.And now it is invited to see the journalists and YouTube users. It will be visible in the Scottish Village area on the morning of 9 April in the capital.The actor said, “A few days ago, a Hollywood movie shooting took place in the capital. The action scene of the movie was held in several important areas of Dhaka including Buriganga Bridge. Thejournalists did not even see the movie. ‘Deen: The Day’ is being done in the Hollywood movie anagram. So it’s arranged to see. You can see the journalists and youtube.It is known that, like media, YouTube has invited YouTube to be very helpful for the campaign of Ananta.Recently, the scene of ‘Real Car Exposure’ was shot near the industrial park area of ​​Anant Jalil in Hemayetpur near Dhaka. Already 18 of the world-class technicians and craftsmen from Iran are staying in Bangladesh. They will shoot action scenes from the 300 villages of Bashundhara on the Scottish Village near the Pink City Housing.’Deen: The Day’ is being produced in a joint production with Iran. It is director Mortaza Autosh Zamzom. In the second week of March, Iran’s shooting for a remote hill in Herat and shooting in Afghanistan.
The film will highlight the persecution of Muslims in different countries of the world. In addition to Iran, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, this film will be shot in Lebanon and Syria.
Joint producers have played more in the film Ananta’s wife heroine Barsha, friend Suman Faruque, Misha Saudagar. The first Qatar stars are also involved in several countries including Iran-Lebanon.


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