A fire in the Jute Godaun in Gazipur’s


Amir Hossain Real: 11 firewood warehouses and goods were burnt in fire in Gazipur City Corporation’s Bankbari area. Five units of fire service brought the fire under control for nearly five hours. But no casualties were reported.
Kaliakair Fire Service Station Officer of Gazipur Kabirul Alam said that a jute warehouse was set on fire in Gazipur city’s Bankbari area around 12:30 pm on Wednesday. As soon as the fire broke out, fire was spreading in nearby 11 warehouses. Two of Kaliakair Fire Service, two of Joydebpur Fire Service and one unit of DBL Fire Service brought the fire under control after hearing the news. Although the fire was brought under control for five hours, it could be possible to completely clean the fire at 10am. But the fire of the 11 godowns of Jhoot was burnt to the full burn. But the reason for the fire and the amount of damage could not be determined.


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