Start the training of the unemployed youth in the week-long course


Sarishbari: Weekly training of unemployed youth started by organizing youth development department of Sarishbari Upazila of Jamalpur. On Monday, organized by the Upazila Youth Development Department organized the training on the demand of unemployed youths of mainpara village of Doail Union. For the purpose of reducing unemployment, it is known that around 30 young people will be taking cows fat over the course of fresh training for the week.
Youth has watched the country Bangabandhu Bangladesh organized a youth training program to justify this slogan Youth Upazila youth development development department has organized. Upazila youth development officer Mahbubur Rahman inaugurated the training on the opening day. At this time, the credit super brochier Shamima Akhter Dinba, and the trainer trained Youth Dr. Matiur Rahman was present.


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