Pathakrita Khasru of healthy film movement no longer exists


Entertainment: Modern Khusra Mohammed Khasru is no longer the leader of the film ‘Sangsad Movement’. He died on Wednesday afternoon at the Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital (Bardem) in the capital. (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Rhizoin) At the time of his death, he was 72 years old. Mohammed Khasru was suffering from various physical problems including respiratory failure. When the condition of his condition deteriorated in the month of the month, he was brought to Dhaka from the house of Rariipur in Keraniganj. Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital was admitted. He died today under the treatment. Bangladesh Film Directors Association President Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar confirmed the death of RTV Online and said, “He was a very good man. They were used to living very normal life. His knowledge had a lot of scope. But he would not have been arrogant about this. The film was lost due to the Parliament movement. In his absence, the void was created in the film industry. “Mohammad Khasruur, one of the pioneers of Bangladesh’s successful film movement, was born in Hughli district of India. His ancestral house at Ruripur in Keraniganj, near Dhaka. Her father was an officer of Hughli Jute Mills. In that formula they lived in Hughli, in Hughli. Due to communal riots, his family moved to Dhaka in the 50’s. In 1963, the Pakistan Film Association established that the organizers, among them Muhammad Khasru was one of the most. For the nearly half-a-year, Muhammad Khasru had held that continuity in order to organize the exhibition of honest, pure and clear films, discussions, criticize, publish and disseminate film-related publications, and make efforts to create a celebrity audience.
He was the editor of one of the most popular Bengali films of the Bengali film ‘Dhroddhi’ and ‘Cinema’. He also wrote a number of books. Khasru contributed an important role in the famous film director and actor Rajen Tarafdar’s famous film ‘Sanga’. In the first half of the 70’s, he interviewed one of the most famous film personalities, Ritwik Ghatak, with an amazing and analytical interview. Which is published in classical magazine. After this the interview was so much that the newspapers in the subcontinent were reprinted again and again.


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