Indian cricket stars call for boycotting matches in World Cup


Sports: India’s appeal to boycott matches against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup in England in June, protesting the killing of 40 paramilitary personnel in the Kashmir attack, has called for India’s star spinner Harbhajan Singh. India is responsible for the perpetrators of the attack by Pakistan, and calls for revenge on the country. Harbhajan said, “There is no need to be in a relationship with Pakistan in cricket only.” The 38-year-old spinner, who still plays the last match in the 2015 Indian Premier League (IPL), said, “We will not play matches against Pakistan on 16th June, before all of us The country and we all are beside our forces. “The second highest 417 Test wickets as an off-spinner The hunter said, “Pakistan is spreading terror on the border and this attack is incredibly frustrating.” But Pakistan denied any role in the attack. India is one of the favorite favorites of upcoming World Cup. And boycotting matches against Pakistan in Manchester will lose their points at least. However, Harbhajan said it will not be a matter of concern.
“I do not warrant to get the points,” Harbhajan told the Talk Hindi news channel yesterday. Because, despite not playing against Pakistan, India is certainly a strong team to win the World Cup. The General Secretary of the Cricket Club of India (CCI), also called on Pakistan to boycott the match. Suresh Bafana, who condemned the suicide bombing of the Samirik Bahini conveyance on the explosive-laden car in Kashmir, said on Thursday, “The CCI is a sports federation. But the country was the first to go out. “The current champion Minarawar Punjab FC to play matches against Real Cricket due to this attack disrupted Srinagar’s tour on Monday, causing disorder in India’s top football league.
The East Bengal Club also expressed its solidarity with the match against Real Cricket on February 28. Real-time co-founder Sandeep Chhota said, “They have shown an excuse for not playing matches, they are excited. It is unforgivable to spread communal strife against our party. ‘
“We all want to eat for peace and people of Kashmir,” he told AFP.


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