Construction of structures in the agricultural land of Phulbari Railway


Phulbari Dinajpur Correspondent:Construction of pucca houses with the lease of agricultural land in Phulbari and the railway authorities are taking no action. On the east side of the railway track in Phulbari of Dinajpur, the agricultural land of the railway took the lease as agricultural land from the Estate Dependant Land Pakshi of Md Inshan Ali Railway in the area. After several years of leasing, the farm land was filled with soil, Md Inchan Ali built a pucca house. This property of the railway is worth millions. The occupants are so strong that they do not have the courage to stop their work. This property is being occupied due to the supervision of officials in the Railway Estate Department. But the question is, do not have the courage to stop it, or who are cooperating to take over the money in exchange for a huge amount of money or government land? On Wednesday, on Wednesday, the occupants of the occupation took possession of the place and found that the builders constructed the structures. Although the government has occupied property of nearly several crore rupees, the silent role is played by the railway authorities. When talking about the duty to the officers, they said that the office of the railway, who looks after the property, is currently in Pakshite. The Parbatipur office authorities looked after the property of the railway, but due to lack of proper supervision, the property has become unbearable. Can not construct pakabas in the field of agricultural land in railway rules. In this regard, the local people of the western region of the Western Region (estate) authorities wish for the indecision.


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