Chelsea fired in the FA Cup quarter-finals in the United States


Sports: Manchester United defeated Chelsea by 2-0 in the fifth round of FA Cup, Manchester United have recovered a lot of honey. At the same time, the quarter-finals of the tournament also confirmed the Red Devils. The defeat of Chelsea manager Marizio Rory is almost certain that the defeat is almost sure that the concerned people are concerned. In the 31st match at Stamford Bridge, Paul Pogabber gives a fantastic cross to forward Herera United to the United States. Just before the break, the French striker gave the win twice to coach Ole Gunnar Suller. Chelsea got the bitter taste of the first FA Cup defeat after the 2017 final. Bluga won the title last year by defeating United 1-0 in the final of the final. The queue is now counting the farewell by having a season of frustrating season in its first term. Chelsea’s biggest defeat in 28 years in the 28-year history of the match that broke out in Manchester Premier 6-0 at the start of this month was the biggest defeat. Rory’s team was defeated by Bournemouth 4-0 in the previous week. The rumor had already lost the player’s support. In the one defeat after all, not only the players, the club officials also started to think about the row again. Chelni has seen the fifth defeat of the last 10 matches on Monday. Hosted fans in the match yesterday said, “You do not even know what you’re doing, you’re going to be dismissed in the morning.” Their claim is to replace Frank Lampard in the rank of coach in the former star and current Derby. Although Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich still does not favor the dismissal of the row. Chelsea are currently out of the top four of the Premier League. On Thursday, Bluga returned to the match with a match against Malmo in the second leg of the Europa League last 32. Chelsea won 2-1 in the first leg.
Meanwhile, United has taken the fifth and final match to qualify for the last eight. They are on the right track after winning the FA Cup title 13 times for the first time and the record for the first time since 2016. United’s return to this after losing the 2-0 goal against the PSG in the last leg of the Champions League last weekend was a wonderful one, Under the first 11 matches, United was unbeaten under Suleser. In the match of the match in midfield in the midfield, Sultan defeated the ranks. Even Sergio Romero was named as the goalkeeper at the place of David de Gior. Initially Romero had to undergo hard tests. David-Luiz’s free-kick on the United’s walls, with the efficiency of the free-kick, effectively prevents the Argentine goalkeeper Pedro’s powerful shot returned with the help of foot. Giorgio Higuain scored almost goal in the Cijaran Azpiliqueter cross. But he could not find the address of his shot goal. Chelsea eventually upset these mistakes. In the 31st minute, Pagber crossed the left wing and the tourists went ahead to the tourists. It was the first goal of the Spanish midfielder since December. Just before the break, Pagba United doubled the gap between a lot of solo efforts.


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