Guru Ravidasji: The Absolutely Neglected Mouthpiece


One of the pioneers of devotional movement, arousing struggle against caste, 64th birth anniversary of Saint Shiromani Rabidasaji ‘r (19th February, 2015). It is one of the main and most sacred festivals of the Rabidas populace rich in independent language, culture, custom, twenty years and alphabet. Tomorrow’s tithi is celebrated with great joy, respect and devotion to the rabidasis in different countries of the world, including Bangladesh, India, Nepal. The festivals will be performed in different areas of Bangladesh by arranging rituals such as Guruji Puja, Bhavana Kirtan, Bhaban Kirtan and Discussions. Today, on this day, in the village of Shri Gobardhanpur, near Kashi in northern India, 1377 (Magh Sudi 15 pm consisting of 1433) was born on Sunday in the full moon day of the month of Magha, this social reformer was born in a skeleton-making family. At that time Kashi was ruled by King Nagar Mahal. Sant Rabidasaji (Santhak Das, father of the devotees, also known as Ruhidas, Ridas and Ravidas), was the father of the group of skilful clerks. Mother Shrimati Kalsi Devi, who died when Ravidasjir was only 5 years old. Gurujee’s grandfather Kaluram, grandmother Shrimati Lakhpati Devi, wife Lona Devi and only son’s name Vijay Rabidas
Saint Rabidasaji is one of the pioneers of “Medieval thought revolution” of India. He was born in “the so-called lower caste” but was overwhelmed by knowledge and wisdom. He was against all kinds of racism, racism, religious fanaticism and extremism and fought against them all their life. He preached among all the people of equality, love and harmony. Gurujee’s spiritual power is revealed from the moment of his birth. Looking at the old woman, her old and poorly-looking father-in-law Rabidasaji, she got her eyesight and said that this child was different from other children. During his childhood, Rabidasajir’s PCima came with a leather rabbit for him. In the footsteps of Guruji, it gets back to life and the boy starts running with the rabbis. Surprised by such a miracle, they all bowed down in the footsteps of the boy Rabidasajir. Also, by showing the evidence of his spirituality, blinding the sixty years old, but turning his eyes full of eyesight by working in a wheelchair, by turning his eyes on the eyes of the working woman (grandfather’s grandmother’s grandmother’s girlfriend). When Pandit used to explain his letters and letters to himself when he went to the school school in Saradananda’s house, he himself started to respect the disciple and became self-conscious. Once the son of Pandit Saradananda died suddenly. But according to oral contracts with the child, he was supposed to find out the boy’s boy Ravidasaji, according to the play in the hiding. After hearing the news of his death, Guruji sat on his side and invited him to play in accordance with the agreement and not sleeping. Then Guruji expresses his desire to play the living with his spiritual power. Brahmin Balkr Ramalal, with the so-called humble young boy Rabidasaji, was very angry for the sport and warned the parents of Ramlal’s local Brahman Samaj. Ramlal was thrown into a hungry lion’s cage because of no hearing in it. But it was seen that Ravidasji was sitting inside the cage, and with his spiritual power, the lion bowed to Ramlal after offering calmness. In addition to the illusory behavior of Guruji, the loss of leprosy of a blessed Shethji, the Queen of Chitor and the daughter of Rajasthan, the daughter of Meerabai of Rajasthan, in the face of obstruction of the Brahmin’s father, the arrival of the Ganges, in the face of obstruction of the father of the father of Rabidasaji, the appearance of Gurujee’s arrival in Gurujee’s arrival, Gurudev emerged as a virgin, Visiting and consulting, Kabir Aheba, Sikhism and alaoyadi gurunanakaji promoter King, King Chandra Pratap, Goraksanatha, sadana PIR, dialogue with the incident over and over again once you are selected to match the spiritual power.
According to mythological Hindu scriptures, the worship of God was the right to worship only Brahmins. Drinking water from the Brahmin water can wash away all the lifespan of human life, and if they give milk to them, they can live in a small number of years. Even Brahmin’s priority in wealth, wife, daughter, everything in the family. Shudra will enjoy only the Brahmin’s ablution and use their abandoned fierceness, and, above all, live the life of the beast and it will converge. Contradiction of such a world would have been considered to be atheism. In such an unfavorable environment-circumstances, a so-called untouchable and unbelieving person like Rabadasajee is easily assumed to be regarded as arrogant, criminal and moral offense. Actually, Bhakti’s Tagore never stays in the trap of any custom, and does not live in any scripture book. Goddess Rabidasaji started an easy-to-fill form of the complex worship system of the time which was originally a fiancéal. As a result, millions of people broke the walls of the racist and hoped for his near future. It is not only that the Brahminas were not only being attacked but also their economic losses. Brahmins forbade worshiping him. In spite of such obstacles, the rabidasji has been a victim of human liberation. They fought against caste. He has written numerous verses, Doha, Bhajan. Most of whom are the main scriptures of Sikhism “Guru Granth


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