China’s base camp closed at Mount Everest


international desk: The country has closed the base camp for Mount Everest which can be clamped on Mount Everest. The authorities took this unusual step because they were struggling to remove the amount of garbage they got there. This ban means that the tourists can only go to a monastery which is 5000 meters below the base camp’s label. Most people climb through Nepal in the northern part of the mountain. But the number of climbing in China has increased in the last few years. China’s base camp is located in Tibet. Tourists are eager to go this way because they can be used to drive here. Where to go to Nepal, it is about two weeks to walk on foot. This tallest mountain in the world is full of trash for years. Because the number of tourists going there is also increasing every year. China’s Mountaineering Association says 40,000 people have gone through this base camp in 2015. On the other hand, Nepal’s Ministry of Forest A-Soyle Conservation says that in 2016-17, the record number of tourists has gone, which is 45 thousand. There are restrictions on the general tourists to Rangabak Ashram. That is 5000 meters above sea level. And the mountaineers with the permit will be able to go to the highest camp, which is 8,848 meters high. In January the authorities announced that they would give license to 3 hundred per year. A recent news spread through Chinese social media that their base camp will be permanently closed for tourists. But news agency Xinhua said the news authority denied it. This December announcement came in the website of the Tibetan authorities last December. They mentioned that after cleaning the three-phase cleanup, eight tons of garbage had to be cleaned. There were human waste and abandoned machinery. This year the removal of dead bodies of the climbers will be done. It is said that the place above eight thousand meters is called Daddath Zonad, because the wind is so small that it is difficult to survive. Due to the height and height of these dead bodies, there are periods of years after year. References: BBC


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