Unlike other experiences


Entertainment Desk: Popular musician Kana has recently faced a different experience in a show in Chandpur. She was playing different types of songs on the show. Most of its popular songs were. Of them, the song ‘Silkimi Chauri’ also served. In this song the audience-viewers flutter other folks. After the song was finished, a devotee presented the silk bracelet to the Konas there. Kana said, there have been a number of interesting events happening with the fans at the show. However, I did not even imagine the silk bracelet would be presented with ‘silk chit’ song.A sweet girl named Farjana came to me and offered me this bangle. I’m surprised. The incident has impressed me. These small love artists find great in life. In this way, I want to stay alive with the love of the audience. Meanwhile, in connection with his current busyness, Kana said, in addition to the stage show, now we have made some new songs of the movie. Last year, my song “Love box” and “Yea Shyam” song received two widespread audiences. There will be more such songs in front of the audience. Out of the movie, we gave voice to some new audio songs. They will be released after a certain time.


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