Suhrawardy Hospital started to become normal after the fire


Staff reporter: Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital started to become normal again. Already 15 wards have been started. Along with this, 700 patients were taken back from different hospitals. Along with this there is a growing risk of new patients coming from the mouth of the greatest danger. However, the patients who felt horror was still not fully spent. During the fire, 10 patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were removed from other places. Six of them were also brought back to the hospital’s ICU. In the capital city of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, the current activities of the hospital have become normal. On Saturday, in the hospital, the patient started to grow in the hospital. Apart from the child ward, the remaining 15 wards have been started in full swing. However, a section of the child ward was opened and most of the giani wards were seen to be closed. It is known that cleanliness and burn damaged parts are due to repair work. In addition to the removing patient new patients are coming here. But the new patients are facing panic. Patients are scared to see the black stain because of almost half of the three-storey building being burned in the fire. Some parts of the Giani and the Children’s Ward have become completely devastated. Ongoing repair work. Altaf Hossain came to the hospital to take care of his daughter. He said that everyone was not coming home from this hospital. Fear caused due to the fire incident. I saw the hospital started in the newspapers, so come here. The crowd is not the same as before. So hopefully I’ll be able to show the doctor soon. But there is a panic in mind. There are several women who are waiting for a bed in the verandah in front of the giani ward in Dotala. Those who were transferred to Dhaka Medical College (DMCH) Hospital on the day of the fire. Suhrawardy returned on Friday. Among them, a person named Rina Yasmin said that the operation on my throat (the day of the fire) was done. After returning to the ward after operation at 1pm. In the afternoon (fire) the smoke smoke all around. I fell down on my own. Although the condition of the body was not good. Then I went to the ambulance and took me to the ambulance. There was one day in the verandah. Yesterday (last Friday) came back. Work is being done to clean the ward and the bed again after evening. Besides, I was admitted a week before the hospital fire. Jahanara Begum is suffering from cancer in the hospital for 15 days. He also returned from Dhaka Medical College on Friday. He said, after coming to the hospital, we are afraid to look at the roof above. The alphabets are blackened. There is still a smell of burnt whole hospital. But there is no error in the medical field. Just remember the events of that day. Meanwhile, the hospital’s ward teacher Zakir Hossain was thrown in the face while the patient was rescued on the day of the fire. The black spots burned in the fire were noticed in his face. Describing the experience of the day, Zakir Hossain said, after the start of the fire, we were working to take the patients from the beginning. Once back from the field, the number 12 (3rd floor) towards the ward, the ignition of the fire comes to my face. At that time, we were working to find out the patients covered with hawks. It was difficult to breathe. Suddenly a woman came and said, her child is in the ward. Keeping that woman in detention, I went to the Children’s Ward and called in the fire and there was no one to see. Then the ignition of the fire seemed more and more in my mouth and neck. Black in the place of black is blackened in place. According to doctors’ advice, it is taking medicine and putting cream. The doctor who was in Operation Theater Noor Ahmed Talukder said, “When I got the news of the fire, I was in the operation theater in Doha. There was no serious operation. So patients are able to move quickly. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital Director Dr. Uttam Kumar Barua said that 850 patients are currently admitted in the hospital. 700 of them returned from different hospitals. Those who were transferred on the day of the fire. Apart from this, the outdoor is open. Total 15 wards have been started. In the hospital that day there were 1,17,4 people. Although yesterday (last Friday), we have worked in all the hospital staff, doctors, nurses, and even interneur students. Currently only one ward is closed. That is the child ward. There is still a smell of flavor. That is why it has been stopped for children to be harmful. Regarding the onset of the fire, he said, “We are initially thinking that the fire has originated from the room of Professor of Physiology at the lower level.” In the room there were short circuits and the fire spread all over. Moreover, the room was completely devastated. The fire has grown due to the drug in the store in the adjoining room. The Ministry of Health has formed a seven-member inquiry committee. Our nine-member committee has also been formed. If these two committee submits the report on Sunday, it can be said in all the cases. At 5:50 pm on Thursday, the fire started on the new building of Suhrawardy Hospital. Then the fire service 16 units went to the spot and tried for about two and a half hours to bring the fire under control. Immediately after the fire, the hospital authorities and fire service staff quickly withdrew the patients.


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