Public Works Minister urged to speed up the work of the CDA


Staff Reporter: Minister for housing and public works Shaw Rezaul Karim has urged the development of the development development project (CDA) in the ongoing development project. The minister said this at a meeting meeting held in CDA chairman’s conference room on Saturday morning. The Public Works Minister said the CDA will have to speed up the work. If there is any adverse impact on this, the ministry will be given maximum support. But the development project will be stopped on any pretext, people will be victimized and the responsibility of Sheikh Hasina’s government will be on its shoulders, it is not desirable anyway. So, everyone will have to take the country forward by doing duties with sincerity and devotion. The minister said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given maximum importance to the development of Chittagong. Outside the capital, Chittagong has the highest allocation. In some cases Chittagong has got more allocation than the capital. Sham Rezaul Karim said that each organization has been defined as the work area. What the ministry will do, what CDA will do, what the City Corporation will do – these are scheduled. So work from inside g. But remember, all the organizations are working for the development of Bangladesh. Although the organization is different, the purpose of everyone is the same. Everyone represents the state of Bangladesh. So no excuse can be shown on development work. Everyone needs to coordinate work from their respective positions. In order to cooperate with everyone in the development work, the minister said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been working hard to keep the trend of progress in the country. He expects that those who are engaged in development work will also carry out their duties with transparency and honesty. Money to the Prime Minister is not a problem. He wants projects that will benefit the people, the development of the area. Then he approves those projects. The minister said life is not very lasting. You can not stay in that position today. But if you fulfill the duties entrusted to you, then people will remember. Public Works Minister Sham Rezaul Karim praised the development activities of the CDA, said that when the projects are running, Chittagong will not only attract people of the country but also foreigners. The minister said, I do not want to hear any excuse from the workers involved in the development work. We want to see Chittagong, as a traffic congestion-free modern tourist city, where people will be spending money to visit. There are some obstacles in the ongoing projects. The CDA told them. I myself also saw obstacles by visiting several projects. But the army was given the responsibility to complete the work quickly. In that case, the CDA is giving regular attention to the army. Calling upon the people to be aware, the minister said, the way the state has glimpsized towards Chittagong, the people here should be rewarded. I think a canal was cleaned beside your house. Then one of your neighbors washed the waste again in the canal. It is not possible to guard the authorities every moment. In this case, we have to be aware. Otherwise, people can not enjoy the benefits of development. The public works minister said, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will soon come to Chittagong to inaugurate the work of several projects including Karnaphuli tunnels. If you see that there is no work done in Chittagong, even with allocation, then his mind will get worse. You have to keep it that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has lived with the goodwill and intercourse for the development of the people of Chittagong. If he is frustrated then the Chittagongites will be affected. But it can not be done. For this, the development workers will have to work with sincerity and honesty. Praising the people of Chittagong, the minister said the people of this town are very hard working. They are very honest and transparent because of religious traditions. Many heroes were born in Chittagong The declaration of great independence has been broadcast from Chittagong in the direction of Bangabandhu. So the importance of this township is much more. There are some obstacles in the development of Chittagong. We will find out the obstacles. If needed, we will go to the Prime Minister. Still the development will not stop. Chaired by CDA Chairman Abdus Salam, the meeting was attended by the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Works. Shahid Ullah Khandakar, CDA Board Member Jasim Uddin Shah, Hasan Murad Biplob, Gias Uddin, MA Azim, KBM Shahjahan, Ashik Imran and other senior officials.


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