Mushfiqi on the boundary of 200 ODIs


Sports: Match to the series to survive in the Bangladesh series But Mushfiqur Rahim has a lot more to do. Waiting for his great milestone. In the glorious career of the career, Mushfiq has kept a foothold of 200 ODIs.
In the second ODI of the series against New Zealand, Mushfiq will play his 200th ODI in a Christchurch on Saturday. One of the best batsmen in the country will get the taste of this achievement as the second cricketer of Bangladesh.This achievement is still the only Mashrafe Bin Mortazar. Bangladesh captain has played 203 ODIs for Bangladesh, two Asia XIs.
Mushfiq started his international career in Test debut at Lord’s at the age of 17 in 2005. Waiting for one-day game is more than one year. On 6 August 2006, he made his debut against Zimbabwe in ODIs in Harare. Shakib Al Hasan has started his ODI career in the same match.Was the debut as a batsman for Mushfiq. Khaled Masud, one of the best wicketkeepers in the history of the country behind the wicket. But after four months when the second ODI was played on the ground in the country, Kiping Gloves was available from the same time.In the first two ODIs, batting was not available. Opener Zimbabwe made 18 not out off 19 balls against Zimbabwe for the first time in the third ODI. First Fifty in sixth innings Mushfiq was taken out of Khaled Masud in the 2007 World Cup as a keeper-batsman. In the first match of the World Cup, he scored an unbeaten 56 against India in the memorable match. Then the question of Khaled Masud became very thin.After that innings, his footsteps were not very smooth. The failure of the batsmen to lose the place in 2008 was one-day squad. Instead, Dhiman Ghosh did not get much advantage in the team. Mushfiq is returning to the place. But go away from the cycle of failure. So again they are to be dropped from the team. That year, he returned to Australia again in the tour of Australia.Australia could not do well in three ODIs. Later in the controversial Indian Cricket League (ICL) After that Mushfiq has confidence in the team. At the same time, the rewards are also matched.
Mushfiqur did not have any fifty in 39 innings after the innings against India in the 2007 World Cup. In this period, batting from three to eight, in all the positions. In the drawn innings, there is a bitter out-of-pocket experience. Finally, in the 2009 tour of Zimbabwe, At the end of the five-match series, for the first time in the career of opening to 98 runs in the innings.
Then there was no need to look back. In the next innings, there was one more fifty. In the series, the team’s batting relying on the reinsurance. One of the best stars in the country Batting is great, he always was the first choice behind the wicket.Now his ODI runs are 5,351, which is the third highest in Bangladesh. In the Century, he is the third, 6th of the country. Some of the best innings in the history of the country came from his bat. Much memorable win holds significant contributions.The long way, the record of the tagping itself has taken everyone out of the way. In 186 innings, 206 dismissals were made by Dashmishal. Khaled Masud’s 126 dismissals have gone a long way. There are also 15 dismissals and no one else in Bangladesh.Leadership was received in 2011. In 2014, Bangladesh have won 37 ODIs for Bangladesh. In 2012, the series win against the full power West Indies, the success of whitewashing New Zealand in 2013 was led by his leadership.After Mushfiqik, 200 will be one of the closest matches in ODIs Shakib. All-rounders, who have not played in this tour due to injuries, played 195 ODIs, and Tamim Iqbal played 187.


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