Habib’s announcement of the package of Tk 3.5 million to be done privately

Stuffe rspotter: Those who want to hajj in the riders management, their cost will be around 3.5 million taka. Haj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAB) announced plans for pilgrims in the private management of a restaurant in Dhaka on Saturday. According to the announced package, the minimum package price, excluding Korban, is Rs. 3 lakh 45 thousand 800. This figure is close to the cost of government hajj. Now the government management has fixed Tk 3 lakh 44 thousand in package-2. The announcement of the Habay package, the Secretary General of the organization M Shahadat Hossain Taslim said, “No one can send Hajj pilgrims at a lower price.” Biman Taka 1 lakh 28 thousand taka for the announced package, house rent in Mecca and Medina house Tk 1,6,6,500, Saudi Arabia’s various service charges and transport rent is 40 thousand 882 rupees 50 paise, Jamal water for water Tk 260, additional service charge and VAT 35 thousand 437 taka 50 paise, local service charge 800 taka, 200 rupees for pilgrims’ welfare fund, training fee 300 taka, medical center fee 100 taka, food The cost is 30 thousand, the other cost was Tk 1,115 and the pre-registration fee of Tk 2 thousand was shown. Habib president Abdus Shobhan Bhuiyan said that the registration of pilgrims will start from Sunday. This registration will continue till March 20. Habh Secretary General Taslim said that all organizations must be aware that no intermediary can take money by sending a hajj at a lower price. Responding to the queries of the journalists, he said, “The way we want to send hajj pilgrims, Biman Biman Airlines can not send the aircraft because of its low number of aircraft. We hope that the airline will discuss the issue with the hub for determining flight schedules.


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