Sri Lankan did not get forgotten for Aleem Dar


Sports desk: World Fernando was making over one over the dream. The pacer has returned Dean Elgar to his first over in the Test. Two balls later hit Hashim Amla’s pads. The whole Sri Lanka team made a strong appeal. But umpire Aleem Dar did not change the decision. Little chose to take a review, Sri Lanka, there is also a barrier to Aleem Dar The time of the review or the end! But Amla was going out of the review. That’s not something new. It is often seen in cricket grounds that many teams could not review the timely decision-making decision. It was seen after the review was taken out of the batsman. The 3.2.2 section of the ICC’s Test playing conditions said, “The time gap between requesting the ball and asking for the review can never be more than 15 seconds.” The simple meaning is, if you want to change the decision of the umpire, you can not apply after 15 seconds. Alim Dar did not hear Sri Lanka’s application because of that yesterday. But the commentators, who are in charge, said that the decision was made within 13 seconds of the dismissal of the application, Sri Lanka captain Dimut Karunaratte, The decision to decide whether or not the time has passed was not that of Aleem Dar, who was on TV umpire Ian Gold. But Alim Dara himself decided that enough time has passed.”If the decision of the review is not taken within 10 seconds, then the umpire at the end of the bowling line will call the players one time and the players will finally decide.” But Alim Dar did not see any of Sri Lanka’s team being accused of time. After the second. As a result, the decision to end his time was further questioned.Fortunately for Sri Lanka, Amla, who was in the second over, returned to the seventh over with only three runs. Hosts South Africa also added 9 runs in the second wicket partnership. But Amla was going to live once more because of the wrong decision of the umpires. Amla bat touches the bat and the second slip. It seemed like the catch was empty, but umpire Richard Cotlobro gave soft signals out. The TV umpire decided to look out for a clean catch. In the 27th over, however, Catalobro made a wrong decision for Sri Lanka. Lakmal’s ball touches the Quinton de Kock arm guard and goes to the wicketkeeper. Dikvella could not catch the ball properly But the umpire just gave out! The decision has to change the decision about D. Kokake Durban, South Africa are also in danger in the run-up to defeat the toss. The hosts scored 128 runs in 5 wickets for the report.


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