PSG made history to lose United home


 Sports: As the first French club, Manchester United beat European Championships in Old Trafford, in which Paris Saint-Germain has created history. On Tuesday night, the PSG showed this feat by defeating United 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League Final 16. At the same time, there is another fact that it is not easy to achieve the success of the team in this type of competition compared to domestic events. Unite coach Ole Gunnar Sulshar has won 10 of the 11 matches in the game since December last. The rest of the match is drawn. But at European level, the PSG’s stumble on the ground in the European are really frustrating. PSG, ahead of just ahead of the Away goal in the second leg match on March 6, will be equally difficult, returning to the United States by paying these two goals. After the first half, the PSG win was won by Priscilla Kempembe and Kilian Mbabp in the second half of the second half. Especially the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar, and Uruguay’s star Edison Kawani, this is a great achievement for the PSG to win this way. Both of them are out of the team due to injuries. One minute before the end of the match, French star Paul Poghba’s second yellow card left the field making the hosts more frustrating at night. Pagba will not be able to play in the second leg due to the red card. At the end of the match, Suller said, “Today we could not play anything of that quality. When playing against PSG, there was a need to do something special. Although we were thrilled with this great confidence in the match. Nevertheless, nothing remains to be done. “Yet, in the last two months the way United has built itself, positive things can be found. Manchester City and Liverpool, who were at the top of the Premier League, were 14 points behind, but Chelsea’s fourth place was also incredible. “We have now reached the top four in the Premier League. The top four are one thing, but we want to get to the top. Players are very disappointed today. But I know we have the power to get out of it.
In addition to their big players, PSG has not given any concessions to the world-class team. In particular, Thomas Touchel’s team has had to admit to the strong middle-class and aggressive pace of ambiguity in the United States. Angel de Maria left Old Trafford one year after joining the club for £ 60 million in 2014. The Argentine star did not receive much support from host fans again on last night when he returned to the old club again. But with the help of two goals, De Maria tried to stop the face of some of its United critics. After the match, PSG Boss Touchel said, “I think this player is just as professional as other South Americans. If he is neglected, it does not mean that he will become weak. ‘After the first half of the match, after the break of Sulcer, after finding the goal, Jesse Lynchard and Anthony Martial instead of Alexis Sanchez and Huan Mata take the field. But still they did not make any significant attack on PSG in the entire match. David de Gia emerged as the best player of the match in the United goal, but the last was not saved. PSM went ahead in the 53rd minute with the help of DiMaria’s special Karna. In 60 minutes, D. Maria doubled the gap between another low cross. Sulaar said that the first round in such a match is important. But the way we’ve absorbed the round is frustrating. The second round is the result of their organized attack.


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