ICC is taking steps to fight for homosexuality


Sports: Against Shannon Gabriel, who has been accused of slamming an opponent in the field, he has been accused of having gay comments. Talking to Gabriel that comment is more than England’s victory in the St. Lucia Test. Gabriel has been accused of breaching the ICC Code of Conduct after he complained to the England captain Joe Root. The third day of the St. Lucia Test. In the afternoon session, Stump Mike suddenly comes to the rescue of the cold head’s answer, do not use it as an insult. Getting gay is not a crime. Gabriel was then arguing with another batsman Joe Denly, who was in the root and crease. As a result, Gabriel was sledging for whom it was not understood. But Gabriel was saying something that a gay person was saying. Gabriel criticized ICC by tweeting the incident. There is a complaint against Gabriel for breaching Article 2.13 of the Code of Conduct, “The allegations made by the match umpires will now be considered by the match referee Jeff Crowe. The ICC will not make any further comment before the rest of the process is completed. “The ICC 2.13 article discusses ‘personal, insulting, bad or objectionable language usage’ issues.
Route of the Route has been revealed to the behavior of the field. As a result, they are now seen in different eyes. Some organizations working on human rights have praised Route. Root himself, however, clarified his position on this matter, “In this way, the responsibility of the ICC is to manage these. I am not in a position to comment, but both teams have played with the right mindset throughout the series. West Indies played extraordinary cricket, they are very good people and it would be very embarrassing if the debate has sparked it. It was a very challenging series. As a player you have some responsibilities in the field, I am steadfast in the decision I have made. I did that, which I thought was right. What you ought to do in the field, it falls in your responsibilities, and I feel that I did.
Although it is not known what Gabriel said on the field, it is understood in the incident that the field umpires warn him that the blame was West Indian pacer. Root himself did not want to say anything more than Gabriel’s comments. Even the match officials did not make any complaint about it. In his language, many people say a lot about the excitement of the game, ‘Sometimes people say something in the field that gives birth to a future repentance. But let them be in the field. It’s Test cricket and he’s an emotional player who is trying his best to win the match. He is a good man, who plays hard working cricket and is in a position to boast. The fight was very competitive, she has spent a great series and should be proud of her. ‘
However, Nasir Hussain should be proud of his successor, “I do not know who said who … but I can not praise Joe’s answer.” On Twitter, Nasser also said, “I think one Test century or one more than winning As the standard, these 12 words will be more important (for future).


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