Press conference in protest against locking in religious institutions


Dinajpur correspondent:General Secretary of the organization Motiar Rahman at a press conference at Phulbari Thana Press Club protested against the abduction of the land of Bhuiya Pir and the religious establishment in the land of Debibpur, Khwaja Shah Sufi Mohammad Monsur Ali Chisti, Nizami Sawarakak Waqaf of Shibnagar Union under Fulbari upazila.In the press conference on Tuesday, February 12, at around 10:30 am, the general secretary of the organization organized a press conference to take legal action against the opponents in protest of the seizure of sewarakak’s Waqf land in Phulbari thana press club and blocking religious institutions.Debipur Hazrat Khwaja Shahey Sufi Monsur Ali Al-Chishti Nizami Sairabak’s Waqf organization general secretary Motiar Rahman said in the press conference that the villagers of the village obstruct religious work on 02/02/2015 in the house of Hazrat Khwaja Shah Sufi Mohammad Mansur Ali al-Chishti Nizami Sairaqak. Provides and locks. That’s why we can not do any religious work there. Complaint to Phulbari Police Station and Police Circle Office for threatening to kill the opponents of Siddhara Pak Wakf land in Debibpur village in Shibganj union of Phulbari upazila and threatening to kill them. According to the complaint of Matiar Rahman, General Secretary of the managing committee of late Abdul Aziz Sarder and Debipur Sewa Pak, in Debibpur village of Shib Nagar UP in Fulbarhi upazila of Dinajpur district, it is learned that the permanent Basinda resident of the village of Debipur, Md. Hassan Basheri, 33, Mohammad Khorshed Alam, 40, Md Sohag Ali (26), father-Khorshed Alam, Mohammad Makarul (35), city Ulaya (30) father dead Abu Bakar Siddique Mohammad Dulal, (40) father dead Azizar Sardar, Md. Belal (45), son of Sardar Mohammad Mahir Uddin, Md nabiula (50), father Maqbool Hussain, Mohammad sahajula (3) of the Prophet’s father-ul-Islam, debipura all villages, Phulbari upazila. They teamed up and tried to occupy the land of Sawari Park Waqf. On 18/07/018, filed a written complaint with Fulbari Upazila Nirbahi Officer against them. In the presence of the plaintiff and the defendant people, Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Abdus Salam Chowdhury took the hearing and selected the paper papers on the basis of the complaint on 14/07/2008. By checking the verdict on 7/10/2007 at the Deveepur mouza of Shivnagar Union, 7.78 acres of land in the Dalmilum of 7638, Hazrat Khwaja Shahsufi Md. Mansur Ali Alchisati Nizami, the father of late Maulvi Hadimauddin Chishti Nizami was registered in the Waqf document. The donor of that land was Md Tashir Uddin Sardar, son of late Samir Uddin Sardar of Debipur village. Under the terms of that document, Abdul Aziz Sardar’s son Md. Atiar Rahman was a native tribe and he remained as Imam Motwali from 20/05/2005 to 22/07/2017. Since the last 20/05/2005 from the date of 22/07/017, he continued as the Imam Motailli of Mati Atiar Rahman Sawarpur Sharif, the only son of Hazrat Pir Qu’bala Mansur Ali Al-Chishti Nizami, Md. Ruhul Alam Chishti, last 03/07 / The committee formed on 2017 by the committee decided to run the session. According to the past history document and according to the committee made by Md. Atiar Rahman appears to be the right Imam Motwali, Fulbarhi Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Abdul Salam Chowdhury graciously gave the letter to Assistant Commissioner Land, Officer Incharge Phulbari Thana Union Land Assistant Officer. But Matiar Rahman filed a written complaint against the mentioned persons on 03/02/2017 in the police station of Phulbari Circle and Officer Incharge for defaming them, because the opponents did not accept it, and Motiar Rahman Sardar was threatening the gangs in the village of Debibipur. Pir Jada Hazrat Khwaja Shah Mohammed Hassan Basheri al-Chishti Nizami himself is preaching in the society as a Peer he was never a PIR. The meeting was attended by Sweepak Waqf General Secretary Motiar Rahman, Vice President Aminul Haque and freedom fighter Abul Khayer. They held a press conference at Phulbari Thana Press Club demanding justice.


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