New entrepreneur will get 10 lakh taka loan without security!


MT Desk:Banks will be able to lend Tk 10 lakh to the new entrepreneurs under the Rehabilitation Fund of the bank in Cottage, Micro and Small sectors. However, this loan will be reputable for the relationship between bankers and customers in nature and production products and marketing of new entrepreneurs. In this case, the central bank has given credit to the interest rate of 9 percent in the interest rate of loans to micro and small women entrepreneurs under the Reformation Fund. In the bank, SMEs and Special Investigation Programs in the bank have given information to all the banks and financial institutions in the interest of the Chief Nerobi.
Earlier, under this fund, a new entrepreneur would make the loan of the highest amount of 10 lakhs without subsidy. Till 10 lakhs taka, there was a need to provide support for loans. For the maximum loan amount, Tk 2.5 million In this series, it is important to emphasize the importance of women entrepreneurship in micro, small and small sectors to make them easier to get the benefits under the rehabilitation program.In fact, banks can repay loans up to Tk 25 lakh without any necessary support in any kind by distributing individual guarantees to the women entrepreneurs under the rehabilitation fund in the bank. Under the new entrepreneurs, the bank formed a fund called ‘Reorganization Fund for the Promotion of New Entrepreneurs in Micro and Small Enterprises’ in 2015 in the Bank of Bangladesh. Under these circumstances, some banks and other financial partners participate in the re-arrangement of these funds. The interest rates on these funds are also lower than other loans.Banks can not invest interest in 9 percent of the loan for women entrepreneurs: The central bank, in order to keep the interest rates at 9 percent of the rate of interest on loans to micro, small and small women entrepreneurs under the restructuring, will be given to the central bank. The bank has sent all the banks and financial institutions to the Chief Nerobi for issuing an interim declaration from SME and Special Branch in Bangladeshi Bank.
It has been said that, in order to encourage the entrepreneurship of business entrepreneurship in the business-oriented and productive sectors, in the light of the prevailing debt market, in the light of the situation in the banking sector, the restructuring scheme for the small enterprise sector, ‘Rehabilitation Skymity for setting up a subsidiary scheme’ and ‘Cottage, Micro and Schmidt’s revival for small business entrepreneur development Otaya customer rpayaye women udyoktadare rnare simati in order to keep interest rates 9 satansare habaeSDE and SPACHOL programes are available for this reason that the board will now be ready. However, before the announcement of this year, the scope of the loan granted to the lender before, has been made to revisit the interest rate in the previous interest rate.

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