Kanal stood away


Entertainment: Channel I’s reality show ‘Raja Raja’ was one of the judges of the singer Somnor Moni Konal. Soon after the good running, Chanel I Serrakkhanoharika, who suddenly withdrew from the responsibility of the judge, withdrew from it. It is learned that she withdrew from the show after ignoring the verdicts of judgment and alleging bias of boycott of children’s music. In the later years of the program, he will not be seen again.Explaining the stand of the stand, Konaal said, due to excessive irregularities, willingly removed himself. Because of this irregularity, the program was not normally run on trial. In our time, 40 percent of the vote was in the tone. There is no scope here. Now the producer decides everything. A judge or decree can never make the right decision. The program team has created obstacles in this work since its inception. At the beginning, I accepted many minor issues. Later, they saw irregularities in selecting children’s songs. It is seen that they are also accepting the decisions they make in the trial. Then what is the benefit from the judge? ‘
It has been learned that Salahia Afroz, the contestant of Khulna division, was recently dropped from the top six of the song ‘King of Song’ due to irregularities. Her guardian said her daughter was taken out of plot. The song that the contestant might like, has been given the song. The one who is excluded, has been given a song that is completely unknown. Regarding the allegation of irregularities, Taher Shipon, director of the song Raja, said, “Competitors were judged on the basis of number of competition judges Kanal and Imran. We have their signed papers. If we want, we can show it.’Raja Raja Nebahi producer Ismat Ara said,’ This is a contest. From here we have to eliminate some of the competitors from the usual rules. The contestant has been dropped on the basis of the number given by the judges. ‘Why did a regular judge leave the ceremony? He said, ‘There are some issues of mutual understanding. He has left for an incident. ‘


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