Bhupiter Bumper in Gobindaganj Farmers hopeful of yielding


 Gobindaganj crrospondent:In Gobindaganj, maize has been cultivated on record land. The hopeful farmers of corn bumper cultivation. Experts have been thinking that due to the interest of the peasants in favorable and sub-agricultural technology, Bhutto will get higher yields at low cost.
According to the Gobindaganj Upazila Agriculture Research Department, ten unions, katabari, sapamara, darabasta, gumaniganj, phulbari, talukkhanpur, Rakhalpurj, kochshahr, mahimganj, and 10 unions have cultivated profitable crop of maize in the current season. This year, in the union of 2 thousand 300 hectares of land in the union The corn has been cultivated.Mostafizur Rahman, Deputy Assistant Plant Protection Officer of Upazila Agriculture Department, said that the cultivation of red soil and grassland cultivation is due to the cultivation of maize cultivation, because the farmers of this region are the most profitable crops at the cost of cultivating maize cultivation. According to this officer, cultivation of maize has been grown in Katabari. .Tajul Islam Pradhan, a farmer and journalist of Malikabad village in Katabari of the upazila, said,For the cultivation of Eri-Boro in Lalmati area, there is an increase in the production cost of farmers. When the paddy harvest starts, the workers working with the threshing work After that, rice is sold at the price of water without getting the proper price when it comes to the market. It does not cost the cost of production. In that case, the cost of corn cultivation is more than the price. Therefore, we are leaning on corn cultivation. I hope the yield will also be bumper.Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Omar Faruque said the cultivation of corn has increased more than the other times due to the favorable weather.


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