the law will be taken in the cabinet of Jamaat: the law minister


MT desk: The law minister Advocate Anisul Haque has said that he will be sent to the cabinet division of Poor to present the International Criminal Tribunal Act amendment to the cabinet of Jamaat’s trial. The matter will be settled only in the legal process, he said. Law Minister Anisul Haque said this in response to a question asked by Awami League MP Warat Hossain Belal in a question-answer session on Sunday. The law minister said that Jamaat had opposed the liberation war in 1971 with a strong and public position. The present government always believes in the rule of law. The government has decided to free the country from the stigma by judicating the war criminals in the country. In the International Crimes Tribunal, the court mentioned in the verdict of several cases against war criminals was involved in war crimes as a Jamaat party. Later on 28 October the Election Commission canceled the registration of Jamaat and issued the notification. As a party, the amendment of the International Criminal Tribunal Act has already been sent to the cabinet for the trial of Jamaat. Initiatives will be taken to send the amendment to the Cabinet Division with the directives of the Prime Minister so that it can be presented in the cabinet. The matter will be settled within the legal process. Meanwhile, in response to a supplementary question of opposition party Jatiya Party member Kazi Firoz Rashid, the minister said that in six months, the amendment of the drug law has been amended to end the trial of the drug case. The law will be amended in the current session of Parliament, he said. What steps are being taken to speed up the disposal of women and children and drug cases? Responding to such question, the Law Minister said, the High Court Division of the Supreme Court gave a verdict to end the trial of the drug case within six months. The need for some amendments of the law to implement this verdict. For this reason the amendment of the drug law will be brought in the current session of the parliament. The law minister further said that witnesses can not go to court many times in the case of women and children. Because of this, what can be done in the absence of witnesses, witnesses do not wear threats, some efforts are being taken, some are fruitful.


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