Now waiting for the 36th verdict of war crimes


Staff reporter: 36 verdict declaration pending in war crimes war crimes trial The International Crimes Tribunal has ordered the trial of the case to be finalized after the arguments on January 28. The International Crimes Tribunal Sheikh Md of Purbhalha Upazila of Netrokona in the war crimes trial Tribunal Chairman Justice Md. Abdul Majid alias Majid Moulana and the chairman of the tribunal, on the other hand, declared the case for the verdict of five people against the five people. The three-member judicial panel led by Shahinur Islam gave the order. Among the accused Sheikh Md. Apart from Abdul Majid alias Majid Maulana, the other four are accused. Abdul Khalek Talukder, Md. Kabir Khan, Abdus Salam Beg and Nuruddin All of them are now runaway. Seven people were accused in the case. They were arrested and died while being in jail. Ali Ali (78) Another accused Abdur Rahman died while presenting the arguments in the case. The accused have been charged with murder, genocide, abduction, torture, robbery, arson and rape in 1971 in 1971. A case was filed on 21 August 1971 in connection with the murder of Abdul Khalek, who was shot dead in Kans river after killing a razakar force in the village of Bharaha. Shaheed Abdul Khalek’s younger brother freedom fighter Kadir filed a case against four Razakars in 2013, but after the investigation of three others involved in the investigation, seven accused were found guilty. Two of the accused in the case died during the trial.


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