Men’s brain is rapidly damaged


MT Lifestyle: Men’s brain decay faster than women. Every person’s brain gets smaller in keeping pace with the increase in age. But the brain of men is faster than women’s brain, said a researcher led by Indian researcher. And in the same way, women can maintain intense intelligence even in their old age.According to researchers at the University of Texas School of Medicine, St. Louis, “The brain’s metabolism slowing down with age increases. However, the speed of decreasing is different from that of sex. ”
“A woman’s brain is three years younger than the brain of a man of the same age, considering the speed of metabolism.”Manu Gaal, Assistant Professor of Radiology Department of the Malincrud Institute of Radiology of the same university, said, “It is not that men’s brain grows fast. Rather, the male is at the age of three years of age and the whole of his life remains stable during his lifetime. ”
He also said, “What we do not know is the difference in age of this age? I think women do not suffer from brain losses like a man at the end of life. Because the woman’s brain is actually young compared to men. We are conducting extensive research to prove this concept. “Considering the strength, memory and problem solving, older women have seen better results than older men.The brain is sweet sugar. However, the change in the way that this brain will use the brain, with the increase in age. Researchers observe the brain of 121 women and 84 men in the age group of 20 to 82 years to find out the difference between the use of brain and brain in women and men.By measuring the flow of oxygen and glucose from the brain of the PET scan, the brain rate of the brain and its metabolism can be measured by measuring an instrument algorithm that researchers apply to women’s brain.According to the results, her mother is 3.8 years younger than her age. Researchers see the same review in the opposite way. There it is found that the actual age of the male is 2.4 years more than his brain.Comparison of 20-year-old men and women can be noticed, but the brains of women in the brain can be noticed, researchers said.


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