Massacre in Myanmar


The trials of the trial must be taken forward
In the investigation and investigation of international organizations and media including the United Nations, enough evidence has been found in Myanmar for the genocide and humanitarian crime against the Rohingya people. Several countries, including the United States, Canada, have also issued travel restrictions against army officers responsible for genocide. Based on the report of the independent UN investigative team of the United Nations and after the resolution of the Human Rights Council, the United Nations General Assembly created international independent and independent structures (triple IM) for the collection, preservation and analysis of those crimes. That framework is going to start work soon. However, Myanmar’s report submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Commission last week denies all serious crimes such as genocide and rape. But why Myanmar’s efforts to deny everything in this way? And if Myanmar denies, will all lies be true?
In the media, detailed reports of massacre of Myanmar, including images and videos, have been published. Preparations for the International Criminal Court (ICC) are going on. Many world leaders, including the heads of states of different countries, described the Rohingya campaign of Burma as genocide. Myanmar’s coalition partner, many countries in ASEAN have also made similar allegations against Myanmar. Still, their stubbornness is expressed through the refusal of Myanmar. It is clear that Myanmar’s genocidal attitude and attitude have not changed in the slightest. In that case, the words that Myanma has said in relation to the return of Rohingyas fleeing is not in line with their attitude and attitude. And that’s why Myanmar is not trying to create an environment to return Rohingyas. Now the international community including the United Nations will have to re-think about the future of 13 million Rohingyas fleeing in Bangladesh. In response to such arrogant behavior of Myanmar, I have to think about doing things.Myanmar has been inhuman towards Rohingya people for more than four decades. Their citizenship has been taken away. Their economic activity – has been limited. Education, health and all basic rights have been taken away. Despite this, the Rohingyas have repeatedly attacked and tortured many excuses. Most of the Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh after being away from the border country. How long densely populated Bangladesh can continue their shelter and maintenance? There is no chance for them to settle in Bangladesh permanently. The international community will also have to think about this. Therefore, for the sake of humanity, Myanmar has to force Myanmar to return the displaced citizens and in the interest of justice, the leaders of the massacre will face trial.


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