Alia is doing Johor’s hand doll: Kangana!


 Entertainment: Earlier, producer-producer Karan Johar had a debate with Kungna Ranauat, who is known to be a lip in Bollywood. The actress then made a controversial remark about the actress and Alia Bhat.
Kangana attacked Alia Bhat directly It is clear, there is no individuality of aliases. She is director Zohra’s hand doll.Though there are many debates about the management, the history of the history of the Kangaras laughs at the box office worldwide, ‘Monicnica: The Queen of Jhansi’. The film, which was released on January 25, was directed by Kangana and King Krishna Jagoramudi. Despite the debate, the box office is doing well. She also received praise from the critics.Alia complains, “Monicnika” did not get any support even before the release of Kangna.’I personally wanted to know from Alia, what is her opinion about the Monicnika debate? This is not my personal matter. A movie But he did not say anything at that time. He does not have the power to say anything. He’s doing Johora’s hand doll. I will not say that I will not be successful, ‘Kangana said.After comments from Kangana, Aliya said, ‘I hope he does not like me. I did not want to do anything that could hurt him. If I do, I will ask for forgiveness. ‘
Recently, Aliya is busy campaigning for her ‘Goli Boy’ movie with Ranbir Singh. He said that he always appreciated Kangar.However, after the issue of seeking apology for Alia, Kangana advised him again, to grow with his own ability and not to do Johor’s doll.Not only Aliya, Kangana criticized superstar Amir Khan in tough language. He said, after the ‘Monicarnika’ debate, Amir did not support him. Source: India TV, DNA


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