Tamim wanted to escape from Dhaka League


Sports: After the tour of New Zealand, they want to work intensively in front of the World Cup and make better fitness. Now Tamim Iqbal does not want to play in Dhaka Premier League The country’s most successful batsman has written a letter to the BCB in exemption from the league.
The possible date for the opening ceremony of the Dhaka Premier League will be held on 25 February. Tamim will be in New Zealand New Zealand’s tour of Bangladesh will end on March 19. Tamim can not play a big part of the league so Tamim.He does not want to play in the next part of the league. Explain the reasons for not wanting to play.”At the end of the New Zealand tour, maybe the Dhaka League Super League leg, we can get a couple of matches. But at that time I want to work intensely with fitness. BPL and New Zealand tour will be in the drawn game. There will be no separate work time with fitness. After a tour of New Zealand, I want to take a month-long fitness training with rest. “Tamim’s idea is to prepare himself for the World Cup. I said, why this fitness training is important.
“I said, due to being involved in a few months of playing, there is no work to do with fitness. I felt that before the World Cup I needed to stretch my stroke. Basically I’ll work with that. There is a need to improve on some other aspects of fitness. “”I want to be physically and emotionally ready to go to the World Cup. Talking with Mario (national team trainer Mario Villavarion) He will be with me Hopefully, BCB will understand the importance of this matter. “It is said that it is the most competitive tournament in domestic cricket. Before the World Cup, one-day version of the one-day format may well prepare Dhaka League. Tamim, however, believes there will be no deficiency in his match practice.”The way I like to prepare myself best, I want to do the same. There are three ODIs in New Zealand, then there is a tri-series in Ireland before the World Cup. There will be no shortage of match practice. Dhaka league plays but there are also a large amount of remuneration. Still, I do not want to play, but only to get myself to the best position for the World Cup. “


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