Russia will create speed ballistic than words


Inter nation desk:Russia will build off-loading missile and cruise missiles from the earthquake of more than five times the words before 2021 to respond to the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear weapons control treaty. The Defense Minister said on Tuesday the Defense Minister said on Tuesday. Russia’s Defense Secretary Sergei Soague ordered the army to build two new missile systems and confirmed the completion of the construction of two missiles by 2021. Earlier Russia followed the same route after announcing the departure of the US Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) agreement within six months. Earlier on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has withdrawn itself from the deal of the Great War. The treaty signed between the then Soviet Russia and the United States in 1987. The two small and medium-range missiles were forced to land from Europe. During a meeting with foreign and defense directors on television, he said the US partner of the deal announced that they would not be in it. Therefore, we have withdrawn ourselves as they did. US Secretary of State Mike Pampo said on Friday that the country was obliged to comply with the INF agreement, which has been postponed officially since last Saturday. The US alleged that Moscow has been violating this agreement for a long time. On the contrary, Russia has denied the allegations from the very beginning. Washington’s new move increased pressure on Moscow. The observers fear that the arms race will increase in Europe. Tensions among China and the United States in Asia may also increase. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin also said that Russia will create more missiles including faster speed than the new words. He has ordered the ministers not to start new disarmament talks with Washington.


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