‘Muslim Community Patrol A-Service’ was launched in New York


International Desk:The Muslim Community Patrol A-Service (MCPS) was launched in Brooklyn, New York City by the initiative of the first Muslim. At the fastest time the service delivery service was started by two people named Samiuddin Razi and Nur Rabah. It is agreed that the organization’s president and Noor Vice President Already like the NYPD (New York Police Department) Patrol cars have been taken to the streets. Several people were given necessary training to increase the number of vehicles. With counseling, first aid, assistance of old people, providing food for homeless, giving instant advice to youth society. Note that long ago the Jewish community introduced its own ambulance security system. They are working in their own community by contacting New York police. MCPS will work in the same style. However, they are not complementary to police. Almost everyone who gave Patrol earlier worked in the police or army or security agencies in any organization. This will make it easier to coordinate with the NYPD patrol police. In fact, there are more than a thousand Bangladeshi officials in NYPD, consisting of 40 different police stations. The number of Muslim officers is also 4 thousand. Noor Rabah said in this context, we will also do the Patrol Car or ambulance service in the Jewish community. There can be no confusion about this. Muslim officers working in the NYPD will cooperate in our work. But they are not directly involved with us. Brooklyn, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Arabian, Indian Muslims are increasing rapidly. They will get all the services. Thus, the bonds of harmony between the Muslim community and the hope that it will be consolidated. He said, but non-Muslims will not be deprived of services. For humanity, everything will be done for all the residents. But Muslims must have priority over. Rabah said, we will work for the help of people. Therefore, no special permission will be required for this. Nobody can stop obstacles in good work. In this context, how will this huge work go on? Samiuddin said that the fund is getting from some donors. We already got two patrol vehicles. Soon, the number will increase to 10. Currently 35 people have been listed as volunteers. Meanwhile, retired two officers of the Envopyd, an officer working in Homeland Security, several Correctional Officers, Imams of Police and Army, and many others who have been in the army.


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