Messi is uncertain against Real


 Sports: Lionel Messi’s Strike Increases Fear Unable to practice on Monday, in the first leg of the Semi-final against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, the uncertainty over the Barcelona captain’s game was sparked.
Barcelona, ​​after two goals against Valencia at home in La Liga on Saturday, were lagging behind after Messi left the field with two goals.
Messi suffered a thigh injury in the second half of the match. At the same time, five-minute treatment of five-time footballer in the sideline was to take. However, the 31-year-old star played in the entire match. Coach Ernesto Valvarde expressed hope that his injury was not too serious after the match.Messi came on Monday’s practice after Monday’s rest. But he could not practice due to the pain in the thigh. Now check out how serious his injury is.Coach does not want to take any risks about Messi, due to the pressure on many important and busy seasons this season. Five-time player footballer of the year could not play due to elbow injury in the league match against Real in October. Barcelona won 5-1 without the captain.Spain’s second best competition, known as the Spanish Cup, will be held in Camp Nou, Bangladesh, on Sunday night, two antarctic teams will face each other.If Messi does not have great form in this match, then it will be a big push for Barcelona. In all competitions, he did not score in the last round. The highest number of players in the league this season, including 29, has scored 29 goals in the current season, the best player of the team.


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