Japanese deputy prime minister blamed women not taking children


International Desk: Due to the decreasing population of Japan, the deputy prime minister of the country has blamed the childless women. On Tuesday, he said there are many people responsible for the elderly. But there is a mistake. The problem is with those who do not have children. The US media told CNN News. This 78-year-old star is also working as a Japanese finance minister. In one speech, he refused to blame the elderly for increasing the social security costs. However, in the budget session of Parliament, the opposition’s one MP’s protest and criticism withdrew the statement in the face of the Deputy Prime Minister. He said that his statement in the media was not properly stated. He did not say what he meant. More than 20 percent of Japan’s population is 65 years old. Since 1970, the population of the country has been decreasing continuously. In 2010, less than 950,000 children were born in the country. In contrast, 13 million people have died. Since 1990, Japan has started adopting policies to increase the child’s birth. Under this, government special services are introduced for the children, services and housing for the children. But it is still difficult for the country’s working men and women to take care of their child.


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