Immortal animal jellyfish!


 International Desk: Even if a person does not have a small creature but has almost immortality. That’s what scientists say His name is Backward Ezing Jellyfish. Veterinarians whose identities are known as titrices Dorny For a special feature, this small species of jellyfish is called ‘Amar Jellyfish’. Literally but they have almost ‘immortal’ themselves. If there is any danger of death, it can lead to the opposite of old age. These jellyfish are mainly found in the Mediterranean and the ocean of Japan. Researchers at Kyoto University of Japan are doing research on this jellyfish. According to National Geographic researchers, if any of these jellyfish injures or falls ill, then they go to ‘Polip Dasha’. The mucous membrane surrounding the form of polyps on the embankment. These polyps remain for three days. And thus reduces the age of the age. In this, the jellyfish transforms all the cells in the body into a new cell. In this way, they kept old age from being transformed themselves. There are differences among scientists about this. K Ray Roy, a scientist from Massachusetts of Abbec, Massachusetts, said, “Immortal, it can be said that by transferring the cells, they can back their age.” From that side, Regenerating flatworm is immortal. Two parts of their body cut and cut into two different flatworks. Although the age of the body does not grow organs in the case of study turtles. However, if any other big fish eat them or they are suddenly infected with a major disease they are actually killed. But death is not due to the increase in age. The ability to change the cells does not come when it is not grown. Scientists have claimed that the jellyfish that have the power of reproduction is the only immortal.


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