Comilla will play the final, Tamim has spoken


Sports: Do not take the lead, made it clear before the tournament started. However, assured that the role will be to decide, be involved in the team. The team gave the rights to the owners, Comilla Victoria will play the final. Tamim Iqbal excited to keep the word. Though he had condolences for his performance, he was thrilled to be in the BPL final for the first time.
In the last edition of BPL under Tamim’s leadership, Comilla was at the top of the preliminary phase and it was at the top. But they did not get the two opportunities to get to the finals, they could not use them. Management was desperate to play the final. Tamim was still in his mind about the leadership. But the experienced batsman himself wanted himself to do all that to fulfill the demand of the team without leadership.
There was also a matter of meeting a personal goal. Despite being the country’s most successful batsman and one of the senior cricketers, the BPL Final has not yet got the taste of playing. Tamim was excited as the two demands were mixed together. I told him not to play the final.
“I told the team before the start of the season, now we will play the final. I had a goal of myself too. Mashrafee’s brother has won four times, Shakib has won twice, Riyad Bhai played twice in the final. I too wanted the BPL final game. The BPL final is the biggest stage of our domestic cricket. ”
“It’s a great idea to win tomorrow and win the final. I have repeatedly said many, my first finals. I’m very excited. I forgot the fatigue of one month’s tournament, I’m looking forward to the final. ”
Comilla started the BPL by Steven Smith. Imrul Kayes is leading the team since returning from injury. Talking about why Tamim is not captain, many have discussed. Opener himself does not want to make Bangladesh bigger in a Test.”It’s not great to be a captain. I tried to stay as involved as possible inside and outside the field, to help the team. All of you know, how often I am always concerned about my preparation and performance. But I did not think myself. There were only teams in all of the ideas. “What is the reason why bat performance is not very good? That is why Tamim’s performance is not very faded, it is not. There are still five runs in the list of runs. However, 136 runs at an average of 27.16 in 13 matches, a little dull compared to Tamim’s quality.Tamim himself admitted that. But the team did not give the excuse to damage their batting, thinking.”We could not play more matches for the first two BPL injuries. Since then, I have scored a lot in the BPL. I am not very happy with this performance. But if I do not do well then I feel as bad as it is, I do not think this is because the team is in the final. But I do not want to excuse my own performance. I started very well in many matches. But maybe I could not make the innings big because of a wrong decision. “”In spite of being dismissed three times in the form of a run of 326 runs, in the best five but not bad. But if you think about what I expect of myself, then the failure is more. At least 400 runs should have been at this time. Worse, I can not even pull in a few matches after a good start, just as I do not like it now. “Tamim also reminded me that it is not the end here.”The beauty of the game is that, many things change a lot in a match. If we can play in a good innings in the final, maybe we’ll go up the line. Then maybe the successful BPL! “


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