Umme Salma Shirin is the candidate of Demra Sarulia Councilor


MT Desk: The heart of this society, the popularity of the pride of women, Mahmud Umme Salma Shirin Demra Sarulia, the capital’s reserved women councilor of ward of 67,68,69, purchased the candidate’s nomination.
He collected the nomination papers from the Election Commission’s office adjacent to the Brothers Club in the capital on Tuesday noon.
Demra thana female editor of Bangabandhu Sainik League and Umme Salma Shirin, the social welfare affairs committee of Demra Press Club, has made a huge response to the announcement of candidates in the councilor election.She is currently the teacher of Oxford English Medium School and the popular news portal of this time, the co-editor of News Bangladesh, in the spirit of liberation war.Umm Salma Shirin hopes to be nominated for the nomination of the boat if she is elected by the party in the forthcoming councilor’s election, in the reserved seats of ward of 67,68,69. Regarding the councilor’s nomination, Umme Salma Shirin said, “Awami League President and Bangabandhu daughter-in-law, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called to build a prosperous country. I will work to implement the leader’s pledge as a woman. I was affiliated with an Awami League activist from 1996. We have joined the rally and gathering of all the parties. From 2001 to 2005, during the misrule of BNP-Jamaat alliance, we played an active role with politicians. During the 1/11, the leader’s movement was also released. So, in order to implement the commitment of the Honorable Prime Minister in the coming days, I want to work with the people in the grassroots. “I want you to vote and give me the opportunity to serve beside you.One of the unfortunate people of the poor people Salma Shirin is voted by voters.Local representatives say that we want a skilled and honest leader of 67,68,69 women reserved seats! There was a lack of proper representation of leadership. As the candidate is elected as councilor candidate, we will be glad to receive Umme Salma Shirin in the reserved seats of the ward of 67,68,69.Voters demanded to vote in the futile environment.


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