Sixth span sitting on the Jajira side of Padma Bridge, visible 1050 meters


MT reporter : Another span placed on the Jajira side of Padma bridge; Through which the 1050 meter part of this bridge of vision of the people of southern populations is visible with two edges. Bridge Division Engineer Humayun Kabir said that on Wednesday morning, the work of installing a gray span on the pillar 36 and 37 of the Padma Bridge was started. On this, six spans of the Jazira end of the bridge were installed. Earlier, connecting the Padma Bridge with Jazira Parque by installing five spans of Peer 37 to 42 points. Besides, another span has been placed on the Peer number 4 and 5 on the side of Mawa last year. The span has been created to peer 6 and 7 peer. But due to the complexity of the design, the two peers were not created and the workshop was temporarily placed on the peer number 4 and 5. Officials said the span will be moved there after the 6 and 7 peer is created due to the complexity of the design. A total of 41 spans of 150 meters each will be built on the 42 peers and the 6 15-kilometer long Padma Bridge will be built. The second floor will be in the railway system. Already about 72 percent of Padma bridge work has been completed, officials of the bridge authority said that they are expected to put all spans in the current year. Engineer Humayun Kabir said that the sixth span on the edge of Jazira was supposed to be set up earlier. But there was not enough water in the river Jazeira to swarm with a large size floating crew with a span weighing about 3,000 tons from Kumarvog’s workshop. In the last monsoon season, the depth of sedimentation decreased in almost all of the channel that was used to cut the huge pond of the middle chariot. Due to that, the sediments of the China Major Bridge Company were removed for the last few days with three dredgers and four more local dredgers. After returning to the required depth of the channel, floating crane Tianyi Hounge arrives at the Mangalaganj’s Kumarvog’s workshop with the span last Tuesday. On Wednesday, the spain was placed on the peer with that crayon. Meanwhile, due to the formation of soil under the river, the complexity of the 6th and 7th pillar of Mawa edges was compounded. As a result, the portion of the river was stopped for a long time. Officials said the problem of installing the 6 and 7 pillar has also been met because of the necessary changes that have been approved since January 15. But due to the rainy season in the front, the mawa edges will become more nutritious again. The placement of the pillar will also become difficult. That is why before the rainy season, the Authority is trying to finish the work of piling for all the pillars of Mawa. The main bridge will be made up of 42 pillars. Of these, 20 are already visible. Within a few days, more than 11 pillars will be visible, officials say. The train will run on the bottom floor of the bridge. Already the construction of the rail slab in the peer spans is underway. So far, 128 railway slabs have been set up for Jazzira spans. The railway will be built by putting 2,995 slabs in the entire bridge. Spinning and Slab making work is underway in Mawa Construction Yard. Recently, Road Transport and Stress Minister Obaidul Quader said that the overall progress of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge project was 63%. 73 percent of the original bridge progressed, 50 percent of the work of river administration, and 191 pile between the total of 261 piles was completed and partial work of 15 pills was completed. Total pillar 42, out of which 16 works have been completed completely. The work of 15 pillars is in progress. There are also 17 spans ready. It is known that a span has been placed on the pillar number 4 and 5 of the Padma Bridge at Mawa border. There are 128 railway slab seats in the jazira end span For the train line, 1,255 slabs have been created out of 2,959 slabs. The roadway slab will be 22 meters long and 2 thousand 917 will be needed. This roadway slab has been created at two stages of Mawa and Jazira. It is to be mentioned that the first span was placed on September 30, 2017. After about 4 months of the second span on January 28, 2014. On the 11th of March, the third spain of gray was installed on the edge of Jajira. The fourth span is held after two months of 13 May. One month after 16 days, the fifth span is sitting on 29 June. The sixth span, which was held on Wednesday, 6 months and 25 days on Wednesday. 41 spans to sit on 42 pillars in a 6 15-kilometer long bridge. The main shape of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge will be Dual. The structure of the bridge being constructed with concrete and steel.


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